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Things I wish I could Change about Feminism

(*Disclaimer: These opinions are mine only. If you see gross misunderstandings in what I say, please feel free to comment and let me know. Ditto if you feel like adding something. Constructive criticism and discussions are always welcome!)


I am a feminist who’s not yet an expert in every possible meaning and responsibility the term entails. I’m still learning everyday.

As an active Quora Español user, I came across this question the other day:

“As a feminist, what annoys you most about other feminists?”

I felt grateful at once to have stumbled across this question because I could finally share my opinion about something so frequently misunderstood as a call for ‘female domination’ and male bashing. My original answer is here if you’re interested.

So here are two things that I see often around me with respect to feminism and which I feel should be done away with immediately:

  1. The ‘anti-masculinist’ tendency

Okay, yes. Men and boys have always had it easier. Be it not having to fear violence, or unequal wages or even suffrage. But is it not presumptuous of us to imagine that every male will understand exactly the struggles we, women, face? Naturally they won’t at first, automatically. But with discourse and dialogue we can all try to enlighten each other more. We could hear their side of the story too. Equipped with the right facts and a deeper understanding of what the movement is essentially about (which is equality), who wouldn’t be a feminist? We’d all act with a little more kindness towards one another. Moreover ill-informed or not, everyone (female/male/third and cis/trans) must be treated with respect and empathy.

2. More Power to other Women

Feminism is constantly evolving, like any other movement. But I strongly feel that it needs to be more accepting towards a certain section of women. Those who are aware of their rights, of their liberty and of the need to be economically independent and still choose to not work or leave their jobs to become stay-at-home mums. The most important thing to be noted here is that this is a decision that they have taken by themselves- without feeling compelled in any way at all by their partners or their families. They are then effectively empowered to lead their lives on their own terms and are in no way ‘anti-feminists’.

And that’s about it.

What do you think as readers who may or may not yet be feminists? Please re-refer to the disclaimer right on top. I’d love to hear your opinions too.

(P.S Just realised that his can be made in to a fun drinking game. One shot of that healthy orange juice every time I say ‘feminism’/‘feminist’; two if I say ‘equality’/ ‘respect’/ ‘discrimination’; three each time I say ‘everyone’ 🙂 )




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